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ESLR's are the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results for a school. This is an important part of the accreditation process. We have summarized Pacific Lutheran Jr./ Sr. High School's main objectives through the acronym PacLu.


Expected School Wide Learning Results (ESLR's)  

Placing Christ First

Students are taught the Gospel through chapel, devotions, and interaction with teachers in their classes. Students are encouraged to grow in Christ through personal Bible study, prayer and involvement in worship.

Of the four major skills / concepts Pacific Lutheran Jr./ Sr. High School attempts to pass along to its students, "Putting Christ First" has consistently been, and by God's grace will continue to be, the foundational concept for the school. This Christian emphasis is seen through daily Theology classes, weekly chapel services, daily student interaction with caring Christian educators, biblical academic curriculum and student behavior expectations.

Learning for Life

Through a Christ-centered college-preparatory curriculum, students accumulate both the knowledge and the ability to strive for excellence in educational growth.

Students are taught to identify and solve problems and are encouraged to continue growing in their educational and professional careers.

Pacific Lutheran Jr./ Sr. High School continues in the fine line of historic Lutheran education through its commitment to a college preparatory curriculum. PacLu is accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (W.A.S.C.) and meets the University of California's A-G requirements. The school's small class sizes, qualified teachers, up to date curriculum and individualized attention provide each student a solid foundation for their university years and beyond.

Honing Life Skills

Students develop the tools necessary to be a responsible and productive person in society through effective communication, organization, time management and use of technology.

Students continue to accept responsibility and demonstrate self-discipline in their words, actions, and deeds.

It is important that students succeed in non-school settings. "Honing Life Skills" attempts to equip students with the necessary interpersonal and organizational skills needed to succeed in areas of their lives not related to academics. Pacific Lutheran Jr./ Sr. High School makes a conscious effort to help shape its students into well-rounded, successful adults. Examples of skills developed in this area include public speaking / presentation skills, study skills, learning style identification, development of leadership skills, acknowledgement of differences, etc. Many of these skills are developed during our numerous school outings and community service opportunities.

Serving Church, School, and Community

Students are encouraged to continue to serve God through outreach, service projects, and individual volunteer opportunities

Pacific Lutheran Jr./ Sr. High School holds numerous community service opportunities throughout the school year to help instill in students a service mentality. Each Fall students spend three days in the San Bernardino Mountains working at a Lutheran camp. Throughout the school year the students take two additional days to work on projects including: Madrona Marsh, Habitat for Humanity, Averill Park clean-up, Redondo Beach clean-up, and Christ Lutheran.

Pacific Lutheran Jr./ Sr. High School 

1473 West 182nd St.
Gardena, CA 90248 
Tel: 310-538-6863