Mary Flett, Assistant Principal


 Ms. Flett has been at PacLu since 2010 and currently serves at PacLu as a teacher and academic/college counselor. Prior to this, she held the same position for 18 years at South Bay Lutheran in Inglewood. Ms. Flett has served in Lutheran Education for over 30 years. She graduated from Concordia Teachers College, River Forest,IL with a BA in Education and later received a MA from Cal State, LA. She also earned a certificate in College Counseling from UCLA Extension. Ms. Flett grew up in a suburb of Chicago and spent 3 years teaching in the Bronx, NY. Ms. Flett teaches Government, U.S. History, Girls Theology and AP Psychology.

"Religion is a weak word to describe Christianity, it places Christianity in a list of other religions, viewed equally.  To know the saving love and work of Jesus Christ is to know the TRUTH.   A belief in Jesus' death and resurrection is the lens by which we look at all things in the world.  It is a worldview. This is the way that I operate in the classroom.  Everything is held up through this world view.   It is not what society says is true, but what God said is true as revealed through the Bible, the ultimate authority on earth.    Science, History, Psychology and other subjects taught in the light of Jesus the Savior."