Rev. Bruce J von Hindenburg - Theology

Reverend Hindenburg is currently Pastor of the Good ShepherdLutheran Church in Inglewood since 2010.  Prior to that, he served as Pastor at Shepherd of the Sierra Lutheran Church in Coarsegold, CA  from 1997-2010.  He also serves as a Board Member since 2011.

Christ is found daily in our Theology class as we study God’s Holy Word. We have reviewed the books of the Bible and how the Bible came to be. We have looked at the history of Israel in the OT and how it points us through the prophets to God’s promises fulfilled in Christ. We have studied the Gospels and St. Paul’s letters to better understand the early Christian Church. Our focus is on the Six Chief Doctrines of the Christian Church as taught by Martin Luther in his Small Catechism.

"My particular joy in teaching this class is watching the daily epiphanies that take place as these young men learn more about Jesus – that he is more than just a man with good teachings – He is their Lord and Savior who brings to them forgiveness of sins and eternal life in God’s Kingdom."