Testing and Assessment


Standard Based Teaching


Pacific Lutheran courses utilize CA Content Standards as the basis for determining the academic content taught to its students. Each grade level and subject has skills (typically around 50) that students are expected to master by the end of a given school year, which provide the foundation for the next year’s skills. Students’ skills are measured and aggregated in a student information system called Gradelink which parents have access to year-round.


Student Profile


Pacific Lutheran aggregates (adds up and organizes) students’ academic performance in a year by year fashion. This detailed information includes students’ grade point average, semester grades, Math performance data, English performance data, and analysis of this data. This profile is as comprehensive an academic picture a school can create for a student and is an important tool for identifying students’ strengths, growth areas, trends and gaps in learning. Pacific Lutheran administration and teachers use this data to identify grade inflation, academic rigor, and effectiveness in classroom instruction/assessment.


ITED Tesing / PSAT

 All Students are administered both the PSAT and ITED (Iowa Tests of Educational Development).  PacLu students currently rank well above CA and national average scores.