James Fearn, Business Manager



James Fearn has just begun at Pacific Lutheran in the office of and as Business Manager, however has been a part of Pacific Lutheran, serving on the Board of Directors, since August of 2010. He has ties to the South Bay,growing up locally and where he remains a member at our associate church, First Lutheran in Manhattan Beach. He currently sits on the Council Board as Financial Secretary.

Mr. Fearn graduated in 1991 from Concordia University in Irvine with a Computer and Math Degree; and then began a career in the Credit Union industry lasting sixteen years. At the end of the credit crisis, in 2011, he began studies for his graduate degree in Information System Management at Keller Graduate School of Management in Long Beach, eventually graduating with distinction in 2013.

He enjoys watching sports, playing cards (pinochle is usually his game of choice), golf, computers, and reading a good mystery (especially Nero Wolfe). He also enjoys theology by listening to Issues, Etc., discernment ministries, Faith Capo videos, and reading Lutheran classics.

"The gift that God has given me is a combination of math and patience. I serve in similar ways at several Lutheran organizations in the South Bay. It is my delight that I may return what God has given me. Soli Deo Gloria."