How effective was Pacific Lutheran Jr./ Sr. High School's instruction?

"Pacific Lutheran Jr./ Sr. High School was effective and in fact, vital in preparing my daughter for Pepperdine University. The teachers, principal, and counselors at PacLu encouraged her to take on leadership roles at school that helped her prepare for her future."

"Very effective...my child's study habits, grades, test scores only got better every year."

"I believe the education at PacLu was very effective in preparing him for college. The curriculum is rigorous and fosters critical, logical thinking which will serve him well in future education."

"The school helped our child to stand strong in the Lord and how to walk with God to the future."

"Very good...he is ready to go out in the world and take the next step - college."

"The preparation was definitely several levels above that found in the public school arena. The levels achieved at PacLu stand out as grade point averages I'm sure verify."

"I was very pleased with the instruction given to my daughter and preparing her for the future."

"Overall we felt the instruction was very good in preparing our child for college. Most courses seemed to be challenging and many were at or near the college level."

"Very effective...my child is well-prepared."

What were some skills your child gained from PacLu?

 "PacLu helped her gain her confidence back due to the caring environment and the understanding of the teachers. She felt that she would do the work and if there was something she didn't understand, she felt comfortable to ask questions."

"She gained many organizational, planning and leadership skills. She also benefited tremendously from the music program and instructor, who taught her musical proficiency and increased her knowledge."

"Team building and study skills."

"My child gained the skills of discipline in how she approaches her studies and also in how she spread her faith. We believe activities like the end of year trip also taught her life skills."

"Above all else learning the Bible. Applying God's teachings to your school experience at a faith-based school is priceless."

"I would say study and interpersonal skills that can only be attributed to PacLu staff. Both the administration and teachers helped with this."

"Selflessness and attitude improved."

"English and Math."

"He gained respect for teachers and learned responsibility. He has been maturing in many areas due to teacher leadership."

"How to get along with other cultures. English was also a valuable skill my child learned."

"Some skills gained were organizational skills and study skills. Also I believe my son gained additional "people" skills. He learned how to deal with people/students at different grade levels."




How effective was Pacific Lutheran Jr./ Sr. High School's instruction?

"Pacific Lutheran Jr./ Sr. High School helped instill important skills and qualities within me, but left a great amount of room for me to learn and grow as an individual. I was effectively guided through the things I was required to learn, but I was also encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and do things that would help prepare me for independence and individuality."

"Being at Pacific Lutheran helped me in numerous ways because the teachers were very hands on with the learning and they came prepared to teach the class. Whenever I needed help, the teachers were very supportive and helped me out with what I needed."

"Very effective in preparing me for my future education. I only attended for two years but these two years have really helped me grow in the person I am now. I really grew up and matured during these two years.

PacLu was very effective in preparing me for future education because I learned what to expect in college and skills that will help me."

"It made me a man. The school gave you a punishment for not doing homework (ZAP) which made me want to do my homework. Then after a while I got used to doing homework and now I don't mind it.

I learned a lot about American culture and history and I also liked Government and Economics. (International student from Italy)"

"It was very effective. I learned a lot and I am ready for college."

"Since the school is a small school, it's really good to build good relationships between teachers and students. Therefore students could learn well and be prepared for college."  

What were some skills you gained from the school you believe to be most important for your future? 

"Math and Theology skills. Some of the skills I gained were being able to make new friends and be myself around them. Being a more open person and wanting to take risks will help me with my future in college and other things."

"I learned about Jesus a lot. I also learned life skills and how to serve the community."

"Good social skills from dealing with a small, diverse group of kids. I have learned to keep myself out of business I don't need to be in."

"Perseverance. This helped me a lot."

"Important skills I gained from Pacific Lutheran include the following: strong leadership, more efficient time management, and composure under pressure."

"More knowledge about Christianity."

"Devotion, prayer, and reading my Bible."

"I'm closer to God I would say. I also learned better writing skills."

"I learned teamwork during the camping trip and that was a lot of fun; also all the races and competitions during spring week."

"I learned self-confidence, leadership skills and how to be a better person."

"Language skills, writing/grammar skills and how to communicate with others."

"How to help and collaborate with others."

"I gained a lot of academic confidence. The caring teachers and the understanding of the teachers really helped me. I felt comfortable asking questions."

"I learned organizational skills. You need to be organized to do well."