Jana Decker, Office Manager


 Hi, my name is Jana Decker.  I have graduated from several programs at SCROC, El Camino and Bryman Colleges.  I’ve worked as a school receptionist/records clerk for nearly 15 years and now I’m so excited to be the office manager here at Pacific Lutheran Jr./Sr. High School.  I have been involved in education one way or another since I was very young.  I’ve been married for 9 years and have been blessed with two beautiful children as a result that attend Ascension Lutheran K-5 School.  I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart and am a member of the church here on campus and I am also on the worship team here at Gardena Valley Assembly of God. I am very passionate about worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ and am so honored to be able to represent Him in this way.  My prayer is that we continue to grow in relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and represent Him well in everything we do and say.”